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Sock-nyet again tries to talkblock John Giduck

As you may have heard, Sock-nyet is trying to talkblock John Giduck’s latest speaking engagement.  Talkblocking is something that poser loosers do.  For those not familiar with the term, please refer to the Wikipedia definition:

A talkblock is a slang term for an intentional, or sometimes unintentional action that serves to prevent someone from talking at a paid speaking engagement.

Such behavior is often motivated by jealousy, or competitiveness, although it is sometimes accidental, or inadvertent. A talkblock, or talkblocker, is a person who engages in such obstruction or intervention.

This latest attempt to talkblock John Giduck is a futile attempt by loosers who are motivated by jealousy.  With the support of his friends, John Giduck will persevere.

Here, you see an iPhone conversation where John's friend informs him of the latest talkblock effort.

Here, you see an iPhone conversation where John’s friend informs him of the latest talkblock effort.

Additionally, I would like to note that I offer parodies on this website to the public and release all rights to all edited parody images on this website and offer them to public use.  I would further remind visitors that they are subject to the laws of Somalia by visiting this website and/or there are no laws on the internet… unless John Giduck sues you.

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