The Innocence of John Giduck

We have hit a setback in our quest for justice.  Make no mistake about it, the fight will continue.

We will not stop until we are able to redefine the First Amendment so as not to protect mocking, shit talk, harsh criticism, honest assessment, general rowdiness, and legendarily brutal pwning.

John Giduck is a lawyer.  There is no possible way he can loose this lawsuit.

“If not me, then who?”

Come at me bro

Come at me bro



One thought on “The Innocence of John Giduck

  1. While my former leader bleeds himself to a slow death, ummmm I need a new mentor…

    Anyone out there know of another total a$$hole who needs a mouthpiece?

    The now unemployed and seeking counseling,
    Dr. T

    Where did I put the Chester City’s Commish’s address…

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