Did they try to hack John’s attorney’s website?

We know the Socknyet loosers (sic) have no limits to their violence.  They will go as far as to light a pony’s mattresses on fire with flame throwers to prove their point.  Now we have reliable information that the loosers (sic) were planning on hacking into John Giduck’s attorney’s website and making a charade of him.  Through our very reliable special operations operator informant operatives, we found out that the hacking was going to be in the LOLcats theme.  As you may know, LOLcats are a childish meme (pronounced meeee-meeee) that is typically associated with potheads (of which socknyet is full of).  Well, we are relieved to tell you that we have thwarted their hacking and will display their childish meme for the world to see and ridicule:


4 thoughts on “Did they try to hack John’s attorney’s website?

  1. No, the Pony is actually an undercover spy for SOC-nyet! These weed smoking loosers (!!!) lured the Pony into their dreadful web of deceit by telling it that it can have all the hay (wink wink) it wants. And now the Pony is rolling in the litter box along with Catz! Somebody immediately call the charming Dr. Terrorologist so he can clear up the confusion.

  2. Dr. Terrorologist is no longer welcome here. After an investigation we determined that his vociferous support of John Giduck was a subterfuge designed to mock an American special operations hero (John Giduck).

  3. Well it must be true, I had all my posting deleted across the street…

    Life sucks when you’re a Dr of Terrorology.

    The very depressed and now suicidal,
    Dr T

    You’ve hurt my feelings for the last time. By the way I am now taking my ball and going home.

    • Courageous Dr. T,

      Never lose faith in your fearless leader. Never forget that he has had a Green Beret in him (maybe even a few of them). He is already building a new Ménage à Trois rip-off empire that is founded on the core principles of throwing shovels and riding wild (bologna) Ponies in the mountains of Lolorado.

      The victory will be yours.


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