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Did they try to hack John’s attorney’s website?

We know the Socknyet loosers (sic) have no limits to their violence.  They will go as far as to light a pony’s mattresses on fire with flame throwers to prove their point.  Now we have reliable information that the loosers (sic) were planning on hacking into John Giduck’s attorney’s website and making a charade of him.  Through our very reliable special operations operator informant operatives, we found out that the hacking was going to be in the LOLcats theme.  As you may know, LOLcats are a childish meme (pronounced meeee-meeee) that is typically associated with potheads (of which socknyet is full of).  Well, we are relieved to tell you that we have thwarted their hacking and will display their childish meme for the world to see and ridicule:

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