Socnet Lies webmaster revealed!!!!

Our good friend at Socnet Lies has decided to reveal himself!

Without further ado…

IQ of 71... therefore not retarded.

Yes that’s right, Chad Feldheimer is running!

OH NO!  Osborne Cox has a Spetznazzzzz shovel!  John Giduck taught him how to kill with it when Cox was going through CIA training!!!

This seems applicable: "You are part of a league of morons."

He is also their top commenter, making idle threats about revealing everyone’s secrets!

To see his best work to date, watch him UNMASK Osborne Cox:


One thought on “Socnet Lies webmaster revealed!!!!

  1. Damn he’s all over the place. Is that the “advanced entrenching tool?”. Only issued to Russki Adventure Summer Campers?

    Wow! Wonder if it will be issued to the Chester PD Branch of
    Alfred E Neuman counter terrorists.

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