Blood Brothers: Former soldiers continue the war as civilians.

John Giduck and Jack Idema are/were  counter-terror experts and blood brothers (sick), and not insecure loosers (sic) who live their lives on the interweb dreaming of the days when they were pencil-pushers in the SF and marine corp (sic).  John Giduck and Jack Idema are hard men (sick) who fight terror as civilians while Soc-nyet loosers (sic) just sit back and live off the government dime.

jack idema john giduck

The top row is Jon Idema. The bottom row is John Giduck. They are both play dress up, hang with their bro's, have professional headshots, have wicked-tough stares, and both of these men have been in the military.

If you have any questions about who is a real man and who is a looser (sic) just as our friend Gary, a man who doesn’t need to hide behind some anonymous screen name.  Gary is a marine corp (sic) veteran.  I’m not sure what marine corp he worked for, but I’m guessing it was an awesome one because he stayed at the same employer for 27 years!

I shit you not, the portions circled in red are the portions I edited. The rest is real. Slemper Firelis Marine Corpse!
(90% chance the person who wrote this on did not serve in the actual Marine Corps) (95% chance the person writing every single one of those reviews is crying while they type).


13 thoughts on “Blood Brothers: Former soldiers continue the war as civilians.

  1. You are just professionally jealous because

    – John Giduck can sell secrets to the Russians and you won’t.
    – John Giduck successfully completed “the hardest 58 days in the Army” and you didn’t. You needed far more than 58 days.
    – John Giduck is a martial arts tough guy and also wrote a book about “how to be a man” and then acts like a victim and a whiny wuss…why? Because john Giduck can. Are you able to say the same thing? Didn’t think so.
    – John Giduck can grow a full, lush set of hair. Can you?

      • I’m actually still not convinced of that. One of the things that has held my interest is my inability to determine whether Giduck is delusional or just trying (incompetently) to protect his “brand.” I’m completely serious- the more asinine suggestions in Terror at Beslan suggests to me that he actually believes the mythology that he is trying to build about himself; despite how easily the idea of putting three former specops guys or a gas dispersal system in each school folds under even the slightest scrutiny, he actually put that in his book.

        If John Giduck were capable of any level of analysis at all he would have realized the- not just inanity- impossibility of these suggestions. The real deals around him either didn’t read his book, or they told him he was a dumb-ass and needed to take out the suggestion for a gassing friendly school protected by Special Operators in which case he ignored them. Add to that the Benny Hill-esque ninja shovel video and it suggests to me that the guy simply isn’t in contact with reality. This is somewhat reinforced by his apparent ignorance of what it would take to actually guard a structure effectively. I am honestly beginning to think that he has simply been emotionally and intellectually stunted at around the age of 12-probably about the time that he read his first Mack Bolan novel.

        I can’t rule out this all being about money, but I’m really starting to think- based on his writing and his juvenile responses to criticism- that he believes his own legend. It seems that it is never enough for him to have been involved in something- he has to portray himself as being the best. This is another thing that suggests to me that he is delusional- he couldn’t merely say that he studied martial arts, he had to claim to be in two halls of fame. He couldn’t merely say he was a weightlifter or even a weightlifting competitor- he had to claim to be a national champion. None of this proves that he believes his own bullshit, but I am really starting to think that he does.

      • “Serious commenters should direct their comments elsewhere. I’m super cereal.”

        I can’t control what you post on this website. I have zero ability to screen comments on this website.

  2. They look so cute next to each other – John Giduck and Idema are a match made in heaven. And yes, you are jealous because nobody can be more humble and modest than John Giduck! Siempre Fi!

  3. Hey Breeze… Don’t mix Mack Bolan into Johnny’s clique. Mack was the real deal. I personally attended his classes on mafia bad-guy techniques and found Mack to be a true warrior of unparalleled expertise. You pot-smoking loosers who’ve never done anything other than draw a gov’t paycheck for your vacations in little-known tourist hideaways need to abandon your unwarranted vendetta against an honest-to-goodness expert and authority on pretty much everything. These criminal attacks on Dr. Mack Bolan are nothing more than proof of how jealous you are of his bad-guy snuffing abilities and his successful business model. Everyone says Mack’s genuine. I can line up all kinds of ex-whatevers with shadowy and ill-defined fiscal relationships to Mack who will swear, to a man, that Mack was on the grassy knoll within 2 days of Kennedy being shot. Don’t bother refuting even one of these factual statements, because we’ll simply prove you wrong by either changing the subject to Mack’s slashed tires and scorched mattress, or by using the “liar, liar, pants on fire” rhetorical strategem, followed by really scary threats about lawsuits.

    We Mack Bolan supporters are a medicore bunch, but there’s at least a dozen of us.

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