John Giduck: Amateur Film Star

In addition to Special Forces H2H instructor, Spetsnatz Operator, and Weightlifting Chamption of the World, John Giduck is an amateur film star.

You may remember him from the self-help films:

Shovel Ready: A guide to self-defense with lawn and garden equipment

The Anti-SEAL In You

How I Survived 8 Conflicts & How You Can Too

Or non-affiliated sequels to blockbusters:

The Seige 2: General Devereaux Takes P.S. 12 and Saves the World From Radical Islam

Kindergarten Cop 2: Helicopters On Station at All Times

Or from special forces-themed adult films such as:

The Spy Who Gassed Me

The Green Bone

Inglourious Terdburglars

Men Who Stare at Choades

& many more!

(feel free to submit additional movies by comment)

Behind the scenes of Shovel Ready


One thought on “John Giduck: Amateur Film Star

  1. I hate to disagree with you, however, John Giduck is a “Professional” film star.
    He gets paid to perform in these movies because he has made a fortune off every sucker that has attended any of his classes!

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