Helicopters… on station… at all times

John Giduck has a Ph.D. (short for Phantastic Degree, not to be confused with a P.H.D, short for Pizza Hut Degree), which qualifies him to make professional recommendations such as these without citing any authority:

Terror at Beslan, Pg. 358

In case you don’t believe me, John Anderson and Joseph Bail agree that John Giduck is has an elite mind:

From Joe Bail's valiant defense of John Giduck (PDF)

Need further support of John Giduck’s tactical prowess?  Here is a anonymous blog review from HE!D!:

Jealous? Thought so.

And if you don’t trust Joe Bail or an anonymous blogger, just trust Mike Smith, because he has the low-down on those SOCnyet loosers (sic):

In your face


5 thoughts on “Helicopters… on station… at all times

  1. The “Heidi” is the Amazon might be Heidi McGuiness who is the Christian Solididarity International representative in Colorado.

    • It would not surprise me, but ultimately I don’t care. The few credible people that have supported John Giduck remain silent, refusing to sign their name to anything supporting him. Everyone who has publicly supported him is a business partner or beneficiary of his. A cursory glance of Terror at Beslan reveals he is a screwball. An in depth look at his history and current practices reveals much more.

    • I just did some looking into it and it’s doubtful. HE!D! posts from Houston, so unless she had an elaborate plan to misrepresent her location back in 2005, it’s doubtful that they’re the same person.

  2. This is from John Giducks “Those guys were mean to me” site; someone calling himself “CareerSOFOperator” wrote and posted:

    CareerSOFOperator responded:
    • Some of the most shameful and arrogant behavior that I have ever seen, in and out of the workplace, has been by current and former SOF, particularly Army SF and Navy Seals, along with some former USMC snipers, and Force Recon. I have seen how vicious and spiteful they are, and how hurtful they will be to the reputation and careers of others, especially if they are professionally jealous of someone.
    I personally hope that John Giduck sues the crap out of all of them and then of course clear his name even further.

    So someone, anyone please tell me when was the last time you have heard or saw a “Career SOF Operator” spell “Navy Seals” instead of “Navy SEALS”?

    He talks of “hurtful” things being said, what is this a damn highschool girl playing on the internet. I call bullshit on evyone of these damn frauds!!

  3. Yeah, I saw that. It’s one of those self-hating SOF guys. Giduck has a few of them posting on his “I hate SOCnet” site. I mean, shit, Anderson says Giduck is superior to the vast majority of Special Forces soldiers he served with.

    I think I may post a snippet from Giduck’s book that talks about how this country can’t fight terrorism because Desert One failed and a SEAL drowned during the invasion of Grenada. Giduck is the non-proverbial turd in a turd bowl.

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