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Socnet Lies webmaster revealed!!!!

Our good friend at Socnet Lies has decided to reveal himself!

Without further ado…

IQ of 71... therefore not retarded.

Yes that’s right, Chad Feldheimer is running!

OH NO!  Osborne Cox has a Spetznazzzzz shovel!  John Giduck taught him how to kill with it when Cox was going through CIA training!!!

This seems applicable: "You are part of a league of morons."

He is also their top commenter, making idle threats about revealing everyone’s secrets!

To see his best work to date, watch him UNMASK Osborne Cox:

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I’ve got nothing, so again I will defer to The Truth About Socnet Lies and offer only a silly picture:

Joseph Bail and his doppelgänger, Droopy.

At 1:35 you can hear Joseph Bail say, “If not me, then who?”

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Blood Brothers: Former soldiers continue the war as civilians.

John Giduck and Jack Idema are/were  counter-terror experts and blood brothers (sick), and not insecure loosers (sic) who live their lives on the interweb dreaming of the days when they were pencil-pushers in the SF and marine corp (sic).  John Giduck and Jack Idema are hard men (sick) who fight terror as civilians while Soc-nyet loosers (sic) just sit back and live off the government dime.

jack idema john giduck

The top row is Jon Idema. The bottom row is John Giduck. They are both play dress up, hang with their bro's, have professional headshots, have wicked-tough stares, and both of these men have been in the military.

If you have any questions about who is a real man and who is a looser (sic) just as our friend Gary, a man who doesn’t need to hide behind some anonymous screen name.  Gary is a marine corp (sic) veteran.  I’m not sure what marine corp he worked for, but I’m guessing it was an awesome one because he stayed at the same employer for 27 years!

I shit you not, the portions circled in red are the portions I edited. The rest is real. Slemper Firelis Marine Corpse!
(90% chance the person who wrote this on did not serve in the actual Marine Corps) (95% chance the person writing every single one of those reviews is crying while they type).

Mr. John Giduck is an honorably discharged American soldier

And here is the proof (and some more interesting information here):

Redactions made to protect "OPSEC" (which means Operations Security... which makes no sense. If only there were another term to describe personal or personnel security. oh well).

For more information on our Dear Leader’s service record please visit:

Here is where I learned about OPSEC (which means operational security):

Oh no you dit'nt!

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When Meanies Attack: The history of John Giduck’s battle with Socnyet (sic)

BEAR WITH ME, THIS MAY BE PAINFUL.  The sarcasm is going to hurt.

Here are a collection of interwebs (which is actually just a series of tubes) links that will give you a little history about how this site came to be.  John Giduck was attacked by

1. Socnyet (sic) Thread that started it all (pay particular attention to post #2 and the response to it in post #10):

2. The issue dies but is resurrected again:

3. The issue is majorly resurrected (vengeance FTW):

4. A consolidated source of information about John Giduck’s awesomeness:

5. Timeline of people misunderstanding John Giduck:

Haters gonna hate: (read this entire blog)

THE OTHER SIDE (now you can see every single claim refuted beyond a reasonable doubt):

SOCnyet clearly doesn’t know who they’re messing with.  John Giduck is a BAMF.  I don’t know why but after reading all that I’m reminded of this video:

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John Giduck: Amateur Film Star

In addition to Special Forces H2H instructor, Spetsnatz Operator, and Weightlifting Chamption of the World, John Giduck is an amateur film star.

You may remember him from the self-help films:

Shovel Ready: A guide to self-defense with lawn and garden equipment

The Anti-SEAL In You

How I Survived 8 Conflicts & How You Can Too

Or non-affiliated sequels to blockbusters:

The Seige 2: General Devereaux Takes P.S. 12 and Saves the World From Radical Islam

Kindergarten Cop 2: Helicopters On Station at All Times

Or from special forces-themed adult films such as:

The Spy Who Gassed Me

The Green Bone

Inglourious Terdburglars

Men Who Stare at Choades

& many more!

(feel free to submit additional movies by comment)

Behind the scenes of Shovel Ready

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