John Giduck has experience in the intelligence community

John Giduck doesn’t brag about it, but he has experience in the intelligence community.  While many SOCnyet loosers (sic) were too busy playing wargames and “fighting the last war,” John Giduck was teaming up with our new friends, the Russians, and preparing to fight the next war.

I'm running out of material, give me a break.

It is important to note that after fighting the Cold War and before fighting the War on Terror, John Giduck fought in both the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs.  That constitutes 4 of the 8 wars he has fought in.  3 of the remaining 4 are still classified.


6 thoughts on “John Giduck has experience in the intelligence community

  1. Those two are dangerous. Admittedly, I would have gone with Spy VS Spy from the old Mad magazine though.

    How could you possibly be running out of material? You are camped on a goldmine ;).

  2. Well he claims two tours in Chechnya, sort of. As usual, he phrases it in such a manner that it encourages the reader to believe that HE served two tours, but his switching back and froth from I to We in the text leaves him an out.

    google project whitehorse.

  3. Project Whitehorse- That could be photoshop gold. “If you are going to lead a cavalry charge you had better believe that you look good on a white horse.”

  4. I cannot believe that John Giduck’s courage and dedication in the War on Trauma have been left out. This is serious and extremely dangerous business!

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