SOCnyet – Liars Unmasked American David Farina a.k.a. DaveFarina18F

(this is a work of fiction, much like “When Terror Returns.”) uses the web, hiding behind anonymity of alias user names to defame and target others who proudly and with integrity go about their private lives doing speaking engagements, appearing on television, and writing books. We believe people deserve to know who these defamers are.

The Facts:
Today we have finalized our investigation into David (Dave) Farina.

After an exhaustive investigation utilizing our resources within the special operations community, we were able to identify yet another SOCnyet liar.  Member “DaveFarina18F”  has been identified as David Farina, a former federal employee, former soldier (more than 2 months), and counterterrorism consultant with a mere Bachelors degree in Near East Studies.  He seems to take vocal and frequent issue with the credentials and business practices of John Giduck and some of his associates for both their “uneducated and unqualified” opinions and his perception that Mr Giduck “pays off” others for endorsement of his books.

Not satisfied with sharing his opinion amongst his co-felons on socnyet, he has taken his issues out onto CSPAN and CSPAN2 in an obvious effort to misinform the 8 people watching those channels.  During a 2008 CSPAN question and answer period with a caller he made the following criminally libelous statement:

I’ve never heard of John Giduck, but I can tell you that there are plenty of people out there looking to make a quick buck off the war on terrorism.  Now Mr. Bail, if you would like to speak to me after the taping I’d be glad to talk to you about Mr. Giduck’s books, but please do not interrupt me while I’m talking.

So we are left asking – with what authority does former Special Agent David Farina attack the reputation of another in this way? What counter-terrorism or military experience or knowledge gives him the deep insight to make his assessments? Based on his bio listed on several websites, David Farina has never had his picture taken in front of the scene of a terrorist act nor has he won any feats of strength competitions.

David Farina is a career bureaucrat and his biography lists no book that he has written. We have noted that based on his posts on he enjoys vodka tonics, racquetball, and going kayaking with his three children—note that he does not list any feats of strength in his interests and has never been to the Sudan to free slaves.

Based on this photo we found on his facebook page, we have concluded that David Farina drives a suburban and lives in Las Vegas:

We will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions about his authority to question the credentials of others. In our opinion David Farina seems to have made a willing stooge in the ongoing and unwarranted vendetta of certain members of and by knowingly repeating the reputation slurs against John Giduck, his family, friends and associates, made himself complicit in their acts of criminal libel and criminal racketeering.

Will David Farina be brought into the pending lawsuit?  We don’t know.   We can’t say.  Because a good legal strategist would never inform the world publicly of their plans to file a lawsuit (according to something I read on the internet). Time will tell.  So much for your cloak of anonymity cheesedick.

(This post was edited to prevent unwanted attention to a non-SOCnyet member/former SEAL who shares the same random name with the imaginary subject of this post)


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