We will not rest until every person in the school building can be incapacitated with the flip of a switch.

This is the kind of ingenuity we need:

john giduck terror at beslan

This text appears in John Giduck's book Terror at Beslan, pages 285-286. The gas mask and quote bubble does not appear in the book. It would be a nice touch, however.

This system has been utilized all over the world.  When are we going to get on board?  I ask you: WHAT WILL IT TAKE?

These systems have been utilized all over the world and they effectively protect against terrorist takeovers.  Each building designates 5 people to have a green button in their room.  This button has an FBI super secret fingerprint reading system so that only those five people can activate the gas (we still haven’t quite figured out what to do if the terrorists chop off everyone’s fingers before the button is pressed.).  When the terrorists have infiltrated the school, one of the five designated people will press the button.  This button will trigger the gas delivery system and then alert the authorities (in that order).

Here are some examples of its implementation in high risk situations:

France, 2007: A man was reported on campus wielding an unusually sharp butter knife. The entire campus was successfully gassed.

Thailand, 2005: Terrorists entered the neighborhood to get lunch. The school was gassed as a precautionary measure.

Japan, 2009: The first false alarm in GDS (gas delivery system) history, an angry looking child approached a teacher with what appeared to be a gun, and the teacher overreacted. It was actually a stapler.

USNA, 2010: Terrorists (Wikileaks) infiltrated the computer system. There was a concern that the terrorists would then emerge from the computers. The campus was successfully gassed except for the Midshipmen on the bottom right. She was immune. We are looking into the issue.

Automobile installation (for when you're on the roAd): This GDS has never been used operationally, however it has had many trial runs using nitrous oxide.

I hope this changes the way you think.  Just ask yourself: are you culturally ready to embrace the idea of installing a gas delivery system in your children’s school to prevent a terrorist takeover?  The answer had better be yes, or you don’t love your children.


4 thoughts on “We will not rest until every person in the school building can be incapacitated with the flip of a switch.

  1. Well done. Just out of curiosity- did you actually buy a copy or get it at the library? The more that I look at this book the less I understand how anyone took him seriously on anything. I suspect that has come to a screeching halt lately.

    Hey Johnboy- How ya liking the Streisand effect?

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