Hindu Kush, 2006

Oh nos!  There’s Osama!  Let’s get a picture before we turn him over to the authorities… oh wait!  according to my t-shirt I am the authorities!!!



8 thoughts on “Hindu Kush, 2006

  1. That’s not real!!! That’s photo shopped!! I’m going to get my international terroists hunting buddies from Chester PD to hunt you down and then, well… ummm….you know…. cause you BIG problems!
    John Giduck supporter.

  2. That pic is NOT real!!
    I know photoshop when I see it!
    I have a Ph.D in Terrorology!
    If you don’t stop these lies I will report you to the..
    hold on…
    The Chester Police Department International Terror Division, then you just wait and see what happens to you!! Mr Smartypants!!

    Dr. Terrorologist

  3. That pic is photo shopped, it is NOT real, John Giduck was the reason the SEALS were able to find him! (And we on the inside know it was really John himself alone who took Osama out, but I do like that John had his pic taken in Afghanistan with Hrmid)

    I have had it with you guys trying to hurt the greatest terrorlogist of all time with the truth!!
    If you do not cese and decest I will be forced to turn you over to the Chester Penn Police Department International Terroists Hunting Division!
    Then you will learn what it is like to be…
    hold on…
    have your feelings hurt really bad!!!!

    Now about me, I have PhD in terroroligy so don’t even think about screwing with me!

    Dr Terrorologist

    • Dr. Terrorologist (if that is your real name),
      You will be hearing from my attorney shortly. We have a letter for you. You just wait! It’s printed on parchment paper. If I had your phone number i would call you and tell you this!
      Dr. Intellologist, M.D., Ph.D, Kg. B,

      • You think you’re Mr Funnyman?

        Now let me tell you, you’ve never had to have your picutre photo shopped into Afghanistan like JD.
        He knows the dangers of being there (almost)

        Don’t threaten me with your silly laws, I am above the law, behind the law, inside the law, under the law, hell I am the law!!

        I’ll get you and your little dog Toto too!

        Haha my number is unlisted!

        Oh also I am deaf so I won’t be hearing anything , so once again neener, neener, neener!

        Dr T

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