Sock-nyet again tries to talkblock John Giduck

As you may have heard, Sock-nyet is trying to talkblock John Giduck’s latest speaking engagement.  Talkblocking is something that poser loosers do.  For those not familiar with the term, please refer to the Wikipedia definition:

A talkblock is a slang term for an intentional, or sometimes unintentional action that serves to prevent someone from talking at a paid speaking engagement.

Such behavior is often motivated by jealousy, or competitiveness, although it is sometimes accidental, or inadvertent. A talkblock, or talkblocker, is a person who engages in such obstruction or intervention.

This latest attempt to talkblock John Giduck is a futile attempt by loosers who are motivated by jealousy.  With the support of his friends, John Giduck will persevere.

Here, you see an iPhone conversation where John's friend informs him of the latest talkblock effort.

Here, you see an iPhone conversation where John’s friend informs him of the latest talkblock effort.

Additionally, I would like to note that I offer parodies on this website to the public and release all rights to all edited parody images on this website and offer them to public use.  I would further remind visitors that they are subject to the laws of Somalia by visiting this website and/or there are no laws on the internet… unless John Giduck sues you.

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The Innocence of John Giduck

We have hit a setback in our quest for justice.  Make no mistake about it, the fight will continue.

We will not stop until we are able to redefine the First Amendment so as not to protect mocking, shit talk, harsh criticism, honest assessment, general rowdiness, and legendarily brutal pwning.

John Giduck is a lawyer.  There is no possible way he can loose this lawsuit.

“If not me, then who?”

Come at me bro

Come at me bro


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Did they try to hack John’s attorney’s website?

We know the Socknyet loosers (sic) have no limits to their violence.  They will go as far as to light a pony’s mattresses on fire with flame throwers to prove their point.  Now we have reliable information that the loosers (sic) were planning on hacking into John Giduck’s attorney’s website and making a charade of him.  Through our very reliable special operations operator informant operatives, we found out that the hacking was going to be in the LOLcats theme.  As you may know, LOLcats are a childish meme (pronounced meeee-meeee) that is typically associated with potheads (of which socknyet is full of).  Well, we are relieved to tell you that we have thwarted their hacking and will display their childish meme for the world to see and ridicule:

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Lawsuit filed against the Internets by Dr. Terr’ism

As many of Dr. Terr’ism’s supporters know, he uploaded a video to youtube which was subsequently commented on.  The video showed Dr. Terr’ism instructing a class on how to disarm suspected terrorists by using household products like toilet scrubbers, laundry detergent, and ceiling fans.  Here are samples of the vicious comments he received:

  • KidB: I hope next time you drink that bleach.
  • toyotasupra98: Yo dude, that’s gay.
  • crackpipe69user: Be honest Doc, do you have sex with kittens?
  • Seymour Butts: Poseur.  FREE IPODS wwwDOTipodsforfreeDOTcom
  • stormfront88: dr. terr’ism is a racial interloper.
  •  ikilledosama: gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay.

Dr Terr’ism (via his lawyer Lionel Hutz) has filed a civil lawsuit against the internet and those certain individuals who have been perpetrating the ongoing vendetta against him, his pets, and his aura .

The suit was filed in Somalia on Febtober 32, 2014 (the future is very complicated).

The defendants listed in the lawsuit include:

  • The Internet (which is actually just a series of tubes)
  • Joe Giblets – aka Strgrjoe666
  • William Shatner – aka Kirk
  • Jullian Asange – aka WikiLeaks
  • Bruce Vilanch – aka thatfatguy
  • John Does 1–15 – aka: hotstuff69, Ben Dover, toyotasupra98, Seymour Butts, crackerbeatz, ObamaIsOppression, calguy3, crackpipe69user, ikilledosama, Dr. Terrorologist, steelwheeze, KidB, live4christ, italianpride, stormfront88.

The stupid defendants are required to respond within 15 minutes. They will now have to answer for their actions in person, absent their anonymity and sweet usernames.

The Following are claims against the defendants as listed in the suit:

  1. Slander per Se
  2. Slander per Qoud
  3. Slander per Internets
  4. Trespass per Internets
  5. Assault per Internets
  6. Invasion of Privacy per Internets
  7. Intentional Interference with my Internets
  8. Tortious Interference with Prospective Internets awesomeness
  9. Extreme and Outrageous unawesomeness
  10. Aiding and Abetting Terrism
  11. Preliminary and Permanent Injunction Junction what’s your function
  12. Violation of 18 U.S.C. 2332a.
  13. Violation of United States Constitution, mostly the part about not being allowed to leave negative comments on other people’s YouTube videos.

A trial by McFlurry has been requested on all issues.

* * *

In my opinion those who have carried out this ongoing terr’ism against Dr. Terr’ism deserve nothing less than to be held to account for their actions under the full weight of the law – and likely that still won’t be sufficient to atone for the injustice they have wrought… for hath they no shame?  Ought not it be taught that those who wrought shall rot or be shot?  Tater tot? 

Dr. Terr’ism has maintained from birth that he has nothing to hide and that the misinformation, lies and attacks of the YouTube commenters were being perpetrated with deliberate malice and reckless indifference. His filing of this suit proves that he is right.

While it will be up to the courts and jury to determine the punishment of those responsible, it is up to all those of us who support Dr Terr’ism to continue to step forward and speak up on his behalf, preferably as character witnesses.  Also, we will need some people to perjure themselves.

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Socnet Lies webmaster revealed!!!!

Our good friend at Socnet Lies has decided to reveal himself!

Without further ado…

IQ of 71... therefore not retarded.

Yes that’s right, Chad Feldheimer is running!

OH NO!  Osborne Cox has a Spetznazzzzz shovel!  John Giduck taught him how to kill with it when Cox was going through CIA training!!!

This seems applicable: "You are part of a league of morons."

He is also their top commenter, making idle threats about revealing everyone’s secrets!

To see his best work to date, watch him UNMASK Osborne Cox:

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I’ve got nothing, so again I will defer to The Truth About Socnet Lies and offer only a silly picture:

Joseph Bail and his doppelgänger, Droopy.

At 1:35 you can hear Joseph Bail say, “If not me, then who?”

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